ML87: Ilya Toxez
Dj & producer born in centre Russia

Since the early 2000, he has been interested in electronic music, heavily influenced by artists such as Matthew Herbert, Akufen and Metro Area.

Brought up in cult clubs like "Propaganda" & "Shanti" in Moscow.

Ilya is also a member of "Melodram Rec.","WEARERUSSIANS", "Konura", Ornament Rec." &"Forgotten Disco Publicity".

you will love it ^^

Tracklist ::

1. Francesca Lombardo - Sofiel
2. Essay - Crying At Night
3. Sevensol - Capitan Trolling
4. Nick Sole - Africa
5. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Ordinary (Lake People's Circle Motive Remix)
6. Nils Ohrman - De le Depart
7. Chubby Dubs - They Way It Used To Be
8. Booka Shade - Tomorrow Belongs to Us
9. Bjorn Storig - Soul Survivor
10. Calippo - Some Love Lost
11. Sumsuch - Chop Shop (The Disclosure Project Remix)


Art by:: Clara Voce