ML51: Bite
José Barrera is an industrial engineer from España who became an electronic musician after buying his first synthesizer in 2004. He is self-taught and likes to combine sounds and pictures, so he also makes videos for his songs. After discovering the monome two years ago, he has been actively involved in that community: contributor to compilations organized by monome users, and occasionally doing video work for other artists.

He has several releases out including "Silkworm" on Mischievous Musique, and others that you can download from his bandcamp page.
One of the works you'll find available is the audio accompaniment to the contemporary dance performance "Señal".

Tune in to the "Two Strangers" mix on Samurai.FM


1. Fennesz - City of light
2. Feist - So sorry
3. Luomo - Could be like this
4. Yoshihiro Hanno + Oval - On Off Edit
5. Yoshihiro Hanno + Oval - Lab suite
6. The third eye foundation - Are you still a cliché?
7. The third eye foundation - What is it with you?
8. Aidan Baker & Noveller - Under the color cave
9. Yagya - Snowflake 1
10. Gas - Titel 1
11. "Slowly sinking down" Donnacha Costello
12. Fluxion - Oblique
13. Brock Van Wey - Forever a Stranger
14. Pan Sonic - Voltos Bolt

If you like the mix, check him out his facebook + soundcloud + tumblr

Art by_Maria Dukers